Misha Nonoo is a fashion designer who was born in Bahrain, raised in London and educated in Paris. Her multicultural upbringing exposed her to a diverse collection of references, showcasing a unique outlook for the modern, multifaceted woman through the development of a “capsule wardrobe” in her work. Nonoo won industry recognition when she became a finalist for the 2013 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, and was named one of Forbes’ “30 Under 30,” as well as Crain’s New York Business’ “40 under 40.” She was the first designer to use social media as a venue for fashion shows, exclusively debuting her Spring/Summer 2016 collection on Instagram and her Fall 2016 collection on Snapchat. She was also an early adopter of the direct-to-consumer model, which increases transparency, lowers pricing and promotes sustainability by reducing waste. Nonoo continues to push boundaries by marrying designs with innovative digital concepts that are celebrated by women who embrace their femininity whilst pursuing their goals. 

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We believe that the future of the fashion industry will look radically different than it does today. We aim to help build that future by pioneering on-demand manufacturing practices, maintaining a commitment to sustainability and female empowerment, and investing in the power of community and personal connection.


On-Demand is a method of manufacturing in which goods are only produced when they are required, rather than in large batches.

Most fashion companies produce large quantities of inventory, a practice that reduces per-piece production cost but often leaves them saddled with excess product at the end of the season. This extra product is put on sale, marked down repeatedly, and if consumers still won’t buy, it’s dumped in landfills or burned, adding significant pollution to our planet.

When you place an order with us, you aren’t getting an item that’s been sitting around poly-bagged in a warehouse for months. You’re getting something made specially for you and only you in a vetted, ethical factory one garment at a time.

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Relaunched MISHA NONOO as an on-demand business, eliminating 90% of the waste contributed by the traditional bulk production business model. Partnered with a woman-owned factory in Shenzhen, China to pioneer a new way of making clothes, where the only garments ever made are the ones customers have actually ordered. 


Eliminated plastics from our domestic shipments, moving to recycled paper envelopes and tissue paper and integrating a second round of quality control in the process. Partnered with FabScrap to recycle all residual fabric from previous collections before the on-demand model was implemented.


Introducing new sustainable fabrications from natural fibers, zero waste knit production, and additional website messaging to help consumers make informed choices about their purchase.

Ethical Factories:

It is absolutely non-negotiable that we only work with factories that conduct business in an ethical way, paying a fair local wage, with strict no child labor policies, and providing good lighting, ventilation, breaks, and all other basic elements of a healthy work environment. We visit our factories ourselves to ensure that these practices are carried out, in addition to considering third party accreditations.

A Note about Poly and Synthetic Materials:

We are actively working on reducing the amount of plastic in our supply chain, from removing plastic packaging to finding alternative materials and substituting recycled poly where possible. However, we have chosen to continue to utilize poly and some other synthetic materials in a small number of our legacy styles, as it increases the durability and comfort of the garments. Our clothes are designed to be worn many times over the course of a woman’s busy life, and the fabrications must be able to withstand the wear and tear of a hectic schedule with ease.

We do offer a variety of pieces made with sustainable and biodegradable fabrics, such as silk, cashmere, and cotton. Keep an eye out for the 🌿  symbol we use to call out our most sustainable choices. 

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As a company with a female founder, female leadership, and a mostly female staff, we feel the need for true equality in a very real way. We actively seek out and partner with businesses owned or run by women as both collaborators and vendors, making sure that we’re putting our money behind our beliefs.

For a sample list of women-owned businesses and philanthropic causes we support, or to let us know about a business or cause you think we should know about, please Contact Us.

Our hope is that our pieces help our customer feel strong, confident, and empowered when she wears them. Shop our favorite power pieces here. 


We’re always looking for driven, inspired individuals who can help us serve our clients in new and meaningful ways. Below is a list of traits we look for in our team members - take a look, and if this still sounds like somewhere you’d love to be, check out our current job openings here, or drop us a note with your resume at careers@mishanonoo.com.
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We believe that we are the future and that is up to each one of us to question assumptions, proactively try new ways to improve our business, and to work with an attitude of curiosity, finding new ideas in unexpected places.

We work in an environment upheld by trust, carrying our responsibilities with honesty and forthrightness, and relying on each other to bring our best to the workplace and to our customers.


Every decision we make is in service of the Woman on the Go, empowering her to live her best life by eliminating friction and creating a world of tailored comfort and convenience for her.


We think before we act, testing our ideas to prove their viability, and considering the impact to our customers, team members, and the environment. We can always answer “why” we have made a decision and never make an investment solely on the basis of trend.


We are courageous in our choices, unafraid to stand out and speak up for our ideas, and relish the strategy and hard work required to break new ground.


We hold the ideas, contributions and experiences of our coworkers in the utmost regard, respect the needs and realities of the business, and protect our customers’ precious time and resources.